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drum  45 ton sidewinch on dredger<br />
                                                                            with special type grooving<br />
                                                                            suitable for 52 mm steel wire in 3 layers Gearwheel for drum 42 ton winch 7,5 ton hydraulic winch Electrically driven winch on dredger Hydraulically driven electrically controlled sophisticated spoolinggear
                                                                                with adjustable distance between guiderollers 18 ton hydraulic winch 45 ton shiplift winch 25 ton winch with spooling gear, drum storage 600 meters 10 ton mainhoist on offshore crane Chainlifter 81 mm Hydr clamping unit for steel wires Rudder carrier Part for spooling gear Springsets for bandbrakes Slipping cluth for windlass Hydr cilinders for thruster brake
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